Payment Logistics™ is pleased to announce EMV certification of our Paygistix® Gateway on the First Data Omaha platform. Paygistix is one of only a handful of payment gateways in the industry to have obtained an end to end EMV certification in the United States.

Highlights of our EMV Certfication:

  • Covers the following devices: PAX S80, S90, S500, MT30, S300, SP30, D210, S800 and S900
  • Covers the following card types: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® contact and contactless EMV
  • Covers both online and offline EMV authentication
  • Supports traditional tip adjustment for all EMV sale transactions regardless of Cardholder Verification Method

Redefining EMV Capable

Through Paygistix, Payment Logistics is redefining what it means to be EMV capable. While most EMV solutions simply deliver support for the latest chip and contactless technology, Paygistix provides end users and their POS vendors the ability to manage EMV payments in real-time from any web browser while securing sensitive cardholder data with point to point encryption and tokenization.

Payment Logistics provides a robust API for Windows®, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android® POS developers to integrate Paygistix into their applications. When POS developers integrate with Paygistix, they not only add support for contact and contactless EMV, but they also remove their system from the scope of PCI DSS compliance, are able to connect to several major processing networks and enhance their value proposition with Paygistix value added features and functionality.

"Our team put forth a tremendous effort to make this certification a reality. By performing our end to end EMV certification in-house, we learned the technical intricacies of EMV firsthand which I believe gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. While numerous payment devices and even some software applications have recently become EMV certified, there are very few payment gateways that have completed end to end EMV certification. We’re proud to be one of the first in the US marketplace. We remain committed to staying ahead of the technology curve and delivering value added solutions to our partners and clients that depend on us," acknowledges Dustin Niglio, CEO.

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