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Cutting edge pay-at-the-table solution that adds tremendous value to POS developers, VARs and their end users by providing both a seamlessly integrated traditional pay at table capability and a consumer self checkout experience through one simple integration specification. Code to one and get them both.

Features include:

  • One simple pay at table integration specification
  • Add PayLink, optional customer self-checkout without additional coding requirements
  • Dynamic workflow can be customized for each specific end user without additional coding requirements
  • Wi-Fi payment pay at table device with automatic 3G wireless failover or 3G primary
  • Optional quick survey that notifies the manager via SMS text in the event of low ratings before the customer leaves
  • Touchscreen with online signature capture, text message receipts and built-in printer
  • Lookup checks by Table #, Check #, Employee ID or any other POS defined parameters
  • Supports table splits, split checks and multiple tender types including cash payments
  • Pay at table posts payments to POS and closes checks
  • Elegantly adapts to check and table locking protocols in POS
  • POS synchronization function allows seamless handling of communications errors
  • Tip handling covers mandatory gratuity, additional gratuity and gratuity on splits
  • Leverage the power of the Paygistix Connect ecosystem to invite third party innovators to extend your solution
  • Click this link to read more about the benefits of Pay at the table:4 reasons restaurants should have Pay at the Table

Paygistix Pay at the Table is integrated with leading POS systems such as Micros 3700, Restaurant Manager and others.


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