protect business from power outages

The summertime is a major culprit for power outages due to thunderstorms and inclement weather which can render your electronics useless. Read on for some tips that can help prepare your business.

  1. Ensure your electronic equipment is protected by surge protectors, not basic power strips. While they can look identical, surge protectors have joule ratings and block or ground unwanted voltage unlike power strips.

  2. If your primary processing solution relies on an internet (cable) connection, you should have a back-up option in place such as a manual imprinter machine, dial back-up terminal, wireless (3G/4G) terminal or mobile processing solution such as Paygistix™ Mobile.

  3. Train your staff on what to do should the power go out to minimize any impact to your business’ bottom line.

  4. Let Payment Logistics know your back-up plan. We will notate your account and in the event your staff contacts us for assistance, we can provide specific instructions.

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