Social Distancing Compatible Business Tools for Dealing with the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

To slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and reduce the burden on our healthcare system, businesses are taking unprecedented steps to implement social distancing. Social distancing involves minimizing close person to person contact. Payment Logistics has commerce solutions that can aid businesses in reducing physical touch points with customers.

To help businesses impacted by the pandemic, we are waiving all setup fees for these tools and monthly service charges will be waived until at least October 2020.

Customer Facing Payment Devices

Customer Facing Payment Device

Eliminates a common touchpoint when paying in-store because the customer doesn't hand their payment card to the cashier. Our solution also supports contactless NFC payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and others.

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Online Ordering for Curbside Pickup

Curbside Delivery, Order Ahead and Take Out Ordering

By implementing PayLink®, restaurants, grocers and other retailers enable their patrons to place orders online and schedule a time for take-out or curbside pickup, eliminating the need for customers to physically enter the store.

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Simple Online Gift Card Sales Plug-in

Customer Mobile Self Ordering and Payment

Add a "Buy a Gift Card Now" button to your website with our Paygistix Web platform. No web developer needed. Selling gift cards online is an easy way to allow customers to support your business while social distancing measures are in place.

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In-store Self-Ordering & Payment

Customer Mobile Self Ordering and Payment

PayLink allows in-store customers to use their own mobile device to order and pay without staff assistance. This minimizes the need for person to person contact while allowing consumers to get what they want on-demand.

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Digital Receipts via SMS Text Message

Digital Receipt with Built-in Loyalty

Eliminates the unnecessary exchange of the paper receipt from the cashier to the customer. Instead the customer receives a text message with a link to their receipt that includes a message or promotion from you.

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