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SAN DIEGO - September 1, 2016 - Payment Logistics® announces availability of its ground breaking EMV solution for Oracle® Hospitality’s Micros® line of POS systems. Developed from the ground up, the Paygistix® Micros EMV® chip card solution was designed to meet the unique needs of restaurateurs and hospitality venues in the United States. Core to the Paygistix Micros EMV integration is the ability for merchants to maintain their traditional payment workflows while providing the ability for them to optionally add pay at the table.

“Since we already work with so many restaurants and night clubs using Micros POS systems, we knew requiring them to dramatically change how they process payments would be met with the same type of resistance competing Micros chip card integrations are seeing today. Instead we built our solution to allow end users to maintain their traditional payment workflow by including best-in-class features like tip adjustment on all EMV transactions types, pin bypass and EMV pre-authorization. End users can start by maintaining their traditional table service workflow and then migrate to a pay at the table workflow as they deem fit,” remarked Dustin Niglio, CEO of Payment Logistics.

Security is another area of chief concern among Micros POS end users. Several high profile cardholder data breaches across restaurant and hotel chains alongside Oracle’s own recently reported data breach that impacted their Micros division has restaurateurs on edge. Payment Logistics addresses those concerns with their Paygistix Micros EMV solution.

“Our Paygistix product suite is designed to remove the POS system from the cardholder data environment and therefore take it out of scope of PCI DSS compliance. We do this by isolating sensitive cardholder data to purpose built payment devices and ensuring that data is always encrypted,” explains Niglio.

Payment Logistics has a long standing partnership with PAX Technology under which they have integrated their diverse line of payment devices with the Paygistix product suite. This close working relationship with PAX ensures Micros end users have a wide selection of EMV and NFC enabled payment devices to choose from to meet their unique business needs.

Andy Chau, CEO of PAX Technology commented, “PAX has pioneered semi-integration payment solutions to provide a simple way of supporting EMV for all kinds of POS systems. We’ve worked closely with Payment Logistics for many years to customize our secure payment terminals and device estate management capabilities to deliver on a wide range of needs for the retail and hospitality marketplace. The Paygistix Micros EMV solution is just the type of payment integration that is made possible through this type of close collaboration with our partners and is a testament to how PAX semi-integrated EMV terminals help POS developers and payment integrators rapidly accelerate time to market.”

Micros POS system end users implementing Paygistix can choose from the PAX D210S Wi-Fi device with built-in automatic fail-over to 3G wireless in the event of an internet outage, the small form factor S300 with online signature capture, the workhorse S80 countertop device and others. The devices include native support for NFC payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and other emerging mobile wallets.

The Paygistix Micros EMV solution supports Oracle Hospitality’s Micros RES 3700, 9700 and Simphony 2 POS systems. It is compatible with a multitude of merchant account providers. For more information, visit www.paymentlogistics.com/micros-emv.

About Payment Logistics

Payment Logistics is a QIR qualified payment technology company and merchant acquirer. Their PCI DSS level 1 validated Paygistix platform offers best-in-class payment integration solutions for restaurant, hospitality and retail merchant segments. ISVs and POS dealers work with Payment Logistics to power their integrated payments strategy while adding value to their distribution channel partners and end users. Their Paygistix payment integration solutions eliminate PA-DSS compliance scope for ISVs, minimize PCI DSS compliance scope for end users, eliminate QIR program burden for POS dealers and provide support for critical emerging payment technologies such as EMV, NFC, online signature capture, pay-at-the-table, real-time online transaction reporting and other value added features and capabilities.

About PAX Technology, Inc.

PAX is one of the fastest growing POS terminal providers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over fifteen years and has distribution in over eighty countries shipping over 10 million terminals worldwide in recent years. PAX offers a complete line of products and services supported by extensive R&D capabilities. In addition to a most competitive pricing model, quality assurance is the company’s top priority which enables PAX to have a strong advantage in the marketplace. For more information please visit www.paxtechnology.us.

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